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Bio: I Am Andy Josuweit, CEO and co-founder of Student Loan Hero. My relationship with debt began seven years in the past after graduating from an costly personal faculty with $74,000 in student loans.

I used to be advised I’d earn about $80k upon commencement, however I wasn’t capable of finding a job with a wage anyplace close to that. Without regular revenue (and a horrible economic system in 2009), I ended up defaulting on my student loans and my stability ballooned to $107,000.

Building Student Loan Hero allowed me to assist individuals who struggled in the identical means I did. After a seven-year-long journey, I lastly paid off my student loans (in full) three months in the past. All $107,000! Now that my debt is formally behind me, I believed it’d be the right alternative to share some perception into my six-figure payoff story.

Our free instruments, calculators, and guides are serving to 100,000+ debtors handle and eradicate over $2 billion {dollars} in student loan debt. Ready to ROCK this AMA!

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My Proof: http://imgur.com/a/7QbhC https://twitter.com/josablack/status/822104543714508802 https://twitter.com/StudentLoanHero/status/822104766184558593

Update: You guys are superior! Obviously, I can’t get to all of your questions. If you are still searching for assist, be happy to take a look at our web site right here the place you will get free reimbursement recommendation and discover solutions to your student loan questions. I will probably be wrapping this up round 5 pm EST.

Final Update: Thanks for having me! I’m exhausted, so time to name it quits. Many people had the identical questions, so I’ll reply them right here:

  1. SLH makes cash the identical means that Bankrate, NerdWallet, and CreditKarma do by way of performance-based promoting. This means we earn a fee when a buyer decides to use for a product/service. Everything on SLH is 100% free for customers, though we do have some instruments that permit you to “Pay What You Want” (and anybody can determine to pay $0 if he/she needs).

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