Student Loan Payoff Calculator - Early Payoff

Student Loan Payoff Calculator – Early Payoff

Updated: March 21, 2021 by FinPins

Use the FREE student loan payoff calculator app and calculate your early payoff and financial savings!

Student Loan Payoff Calculator: How to make use of? (with screenshots)

Step 1

Fill in all of the related values such because the loan quantity for instance $75000, rate of interest (yearly) for instance 7.25%, loan tenure in years and months, for instance 25 years and 0 months.

student loan payoff calculator

After filling within the particulars, hit the calculate button on the backside.

student loan payoff calculator

Step 2

Using the knowledge offered within the kind, the app calculates the next:

Monthly cost – how a lot you’re alleged to pay each month: $542.11

Total months remaining – what number of months you’d must make the cost to repay the loan: 300 (i.e. 25 years you had enter)

Total curiosity payable – that is the sum of all curiosity funds (on prime of your principal quantity or the borrowed quantity of $75,000) you’d pay to payoff the loan: $87,631.54

So successfully, you’d pay $87,631 (curiosity) + $75,000 (principal) = $162,631 in whole.

Till right here, it’s the fundamental loan reimbursement math. Next we are going to discover the influence of two issues –

  1. refinancing to a decrease charge
  2. making additional funds on prime of calculated ‘monthly payment’

There are two fields beneath the calculated outcomes for that.

student loan early payoff calculator

Step 3: Impact of refinance on student loan payoff

You ought to all the time test for refinance gives in your loans.

Suppose you discover a lender that’s prepared to refinance your student loan at a decrease charge, for instance 5.25%. Enter 5.25 within the ‘what’s your refinance charge’ discipline.

Hit RE-CALCULATE button to see the influence of refinancing.

refinance student loan

We observe that based mostly on the decrease rate of interest of 5.25%, the brand new month-to-month cost is $449.44, down from $542.11.

A 2% decrease rate of interest allows you to save $27,800 in whole curiosity!!!

Step 4: Impact of additional cost on student loan payoff

If you aren’t capable of finding a decrease rate of interest at the moment, you possibly can nonetheless speed up your student loan payoff by making small additional contributions each month.

Let’s say you possibly can pay $50 additional each month, enter 50 within the acceptable discipline and hit RE-CALCULATE.

The app recalculates your state of affairs taking the additional cost into consideration.

Based on the up to date data, the brand new cost turns into $592.11 ($542.11 steered month-to-month cost + $50 additional cost).

$50 additional month-to-month cost allows you to payoff your student loan 59 months quicker and saves you $20,161 in whole curiosity.

Step 5: Impact of each – refinance and additional funds on student loan payoff

Now that is the star scenario- you’ll be able to refinance to a decrease rate of interest (5.25%) AND you commit to creating additional cost ($50 per thirty days) on the beneficial month-to-month loan funds.

Based on the refinance charge of 5.25% and additional cost of $50 each month, your new month-to-month cost turns into $499.44 ($449.44 attributable to decrease rate of interest, as in step 3 + $50 additional month-to-month cost).

$50 additional each month and refinancing to 2% decrease charge allows you to repay the loan 54 months quicker and save $40,216 in whole curiosity.

Conclusion: For early payoff of student loans, there are two very efficient levers you possibly can pull: make additional funds and refinance to a decrease charge

Bonus: See how a $100,000 loan for 25 years performs out at totally different rates of interest various from 0 to 12% rates of interest per 12 months.

The month-to-month funds and the whole curiosity payable cut back drastically with each proportion level drop within the student loan rate of interest. See chart beneath.

student loan refinance benefits

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