Squad member- American people need to pay for student loans

Squad member- American folks must pay for student loans

The following article accommodates editorial content material written by a retired Chief of Police and present workers author for Law Enforcement Today.

BOSTON, MA- Chrome dome Democrat “squad” member Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) continues to push Joe Biden, the knighted president-elect to cancel all student loan debt, claiming it will “ensure” an “equitable” financial restoration from coronavirus shutdowns.

Yes, individuals who spend $200,000 on the University of Massachusetts for gender research, German Polka History, and Left-Handed Puppetry levels deserved to have the remainder of us pay for these decisions.

Meanwhile, for these 4 years they’re flipping burgers at McDonald’s and enjoying Call of Duty and Fortnite on their X-Box 360. Good tradeoff.

On “American Voices” on MSNBC, the one-term congresswoman mentioned that she would push a theoretical Biden-Harris administration to cancel student loan debt by way of government order on day one among that theoretical administration.


Pressley touted the Democrats so-called “HEROES Act,” which sounds good in title however as a substitute accommodates a bunch of nefarious language that has little to nothing to do with coronavirus reduction  and as a substitute acts as a laundry record of far-left particular curiosity goody bag.

“I’m certainly not going to abdicate my responsibility to continue to fight for [a coronavirus relief package],” Pressley mentioned.

“You know this Democratic majority-led House has passed multiple bills to meet the scale and scope of this crisis to mitigate the hurt people are feeling, and this callous, and might I had clueless GOP-led Senate has refused to act. And they have failed the American people”

Pressley didn’t deal with that the “hurt people are feeling” has been induced largely by autocratic Democratic governors and their imposition of draconian, punishing emergency orders beneath the guise of public security. She continued:

“But I’m going to continue to fight for recurring stimulus payments, for extended unemployment benefits, for eviction and foreclosure moratoriums, and for canceling student debt, you know, all of which I think are critical to meeting the scale and scope of this crisis and ensuring an equitable recovery.”

So, Pressley believes the issue is student loan debt, not the price of faculty. She fails to handle the uncontrolled price of faculty tuition by schools and universities, some which have endowments within the billions of {dollars}.

Harvard University, for instance has over $40 billion in its endowment, and is charging students who’re distant studying full tuition and costs this semester (and doubtless subsequent). 

According to a Business Insider article, citing numbers from the Department of Education, the price of tuition, room and board in 1980 was $9,438. That quantity in 2015 stood at $23,872.

 According to a 2019 article cited by CNBC, the price of faculty elevated by 25% over the earlier 10 years. So, tuition prices are the elephant within the room which is being ignored by folks reminiscent of Pressley.

Of course, being an excellent tax and spend liberal Democrat, Pressley didn’t cease at forgiving all student loan debt. She continued:

“I can only tell you what I have continued to advocate for is everything from paid leave, which, you know, these should not be controversial,” she added.

“The truth that folks want to have the ability to keep house from work as a result of they’re not feeling nicely or to care for in poor health family members, once more, canceling rents and mortgages, eviction and foreclosures moratoriums.

“I mean, I’m getting projections in my district of 60,000 to 100,000 who are vulnerable and on the precipice of eviction right now in the midst of a pandemic, which is surging out of control, and of course, unprecedented food insecurity.”

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Once once more, Pressley didn’t clarify how the house owners of rental properties could be anticipated to pay for bills reminiscent of taxes, their very own bank or mortgage funds, and different charges and bills inherent in proudly owning actual property. Oh, possibly the federal government (in different phrases you and I) will pay for that too.

“And so, at the start, we’ve tog to get this pandemic beneath management, make the sturdy federal investments for a nationwide testing technique, the investments for contact tracing (in different phrases, a database of people that have/haven’t had the virus), after which as soon as a vaccine is made obtainable, make sure that it’s equitably distributed.

“We are finally turning the page on this dark chapter in our history (guess she hasn’t heard about Biden’s ‘winter of darkness’). But we have been drinking from a fire hose for the last four years, and so on day one, by executive order with the stroke of the pen, canceling student debt is one of the things that I’m appealing to the Biden/Harris administration to do.”

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LET Unity

For extra on what radicals reminiscent of Pressley, her fellow “squad” members, and Biden/Harris have deliberate, we reported earlier this 12 months on the Biden/Sanders “Unity Task Force” manifesto, which is a daunting assortment of far-left proposals. For that, we invite you to:


WASHINGTON, DC- This is the primary in a sequence of articles inspecting the Biden-Sanders “Unity Task Force Recommendations,” which serves because the Democrat “platform” for the upcoming November elections.

We will begin out with the felony justice suggestions since Law Enforcement Todays core viewers is people related to legislation enforcement. We really feel it is crucial for our brothers and sisters within the felony justice system to pay attention to the implications  a Biden presidency would have on felony justice and our career. 

Make no mistake about it…the Democrat social gathering platform the place it issues felony justice would have a profound impact on our career. If you want what has been occurring in cities reminiscent of Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York and not too long ago Kenosha, you’ll love this. The data introduced is taken immediately from the Biden marketing campaign web site, and are suggestions made by the so-called “Unity Task Force” between the Biden marketing campaign and Bernie Sanders. It’s a hoot.


Use of Force Guidelines:

Would create a nationwide use of drive commonplace, which might restrict lethal drive “solely when ‘necessary’ and as a final resort to guard in opposition to an imminent menace to life. Law enforcement businesses could be topic to an government order requiring police businesses adhere to those requirements. The receipt of federal grants could be contingent upon adopting this commonplace on the state and native degree.

Ban Chokeholds: would prohibit all maneuvers that limit the stream of blood or oxygen to the mind, to incorporate chokeholds and carotid holds; such use of drive would represent a federal civil rights violation and would situation the receipt of federal JAG grants on banning such drive.

Asset Forfeiture: limit the circumstances beneath which property may be seized by the federal government

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Non-Police Responses: would create federal funding to create a civilian corps of unarmed first responders reminiscent of social staff, EMT’s and skilled psychological well being professionals, who would deal with “non-violent” emergencies reminiscent of order upkeep violations (i.e. protecting/restraining orders), psychological well being emergencies and “low-level conflicts” outdoors the felony justice system. They would even have substance abuse consultants, social staff and incapacity advocates reply to calls with cops do “better de-escalate interactions with citizens.” What might presumably go incorrect with both of those ideas?

Police Hiring and Diversity: assume affirmative motion for hiring of police, which might prioritize the recruitment, hiring and retention of police candidates in order that police departments “reflect the diversity of the communities they serve.” Not the very best certified, those who meet sure demographics.

Weapons of War:  forestall the switch of surplus army gear to police departments

 Body Cameras: assist the continued use of physique cameras, however make sure that if it reveals dangerous guys doing one thing incorrect it “protects civil rights and personal privacy.”

Law Enforcement Oversight

Oversight of Police Practices: Create a “national police systems review commission” to search for “systems failure.” In different phrases, one other authorities paperwork.

Qualified Immunity: “Reign in” (in different phrases, remove) the doctrine of certified immunity

Civil Rights Prosecutions: Lower the evidentiary intent commonplace for prosecuting legislation enforcement officers beneath U.S.C. § 242.

Immigration Enforcement: Reverse using 287(g) and comparable applications that drive native legislation enforcement to cooperate with immigration enforcement, ending all agreements entered into by the Trump Administration.


Task Force on Prosecutorial Discretion: Create a brand new activity drive, outdoors of the U.S. Department of Justice to make suggestions for tackling discrimination and different issues within the felony justice system that end result from arrest and charging selections.

Federal Prosecutorial Guidelines: End the Trump Administration’s “Zero Tolerance” immigration enforcement coverage by rescinding the Department of Justice (DOJ) memoranda.

Appointing Prosecutors: Appoint folks dedicated to felony justice reform to key prosecutorial positions, together with AG, DAG, and U.S. Attorneys.

Restorative Justice: Launch a federal restorative justice program and fund pilots within the states.

Support Progressive Prosecutors: Support new state prosecutors by funding and technical assist of their efforts to make sure public security whereas decreasing incarceration.

Public Defense, Pretrial Release, Bail, Fines & Fees

End Cash Bail: Enough mentioned.

End the Criminalization of Poverty: Prohibit federal funding to any state or native jurisdiction that incarcerates for failure to pay fines or charges or suspends driver’s licenses for any motive unrelated to public security, reminiscent of the shortcoming to pay fines or charges or baby assist.

Right to Counsel: Invest in public defenders’ workplaces

Public Defender Salaries: Address funding and wage parity between public defenders and prosecutors

Pretrial Detention: Reduce pretrial detention charges and prohibit “risk assessment tools” that carry bias.

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LET Unity

Fair Sentencing & Reducing Incarceration

Marijuana: Automatically expunge all previous marijuana convictions to be used and possession. Encourage states to speculate tax income from authorized marijuana industries to restore harm to black and brown communities hit hardest by incarceration.

Death Penalties: Abolish the loss of life penalty on the federal degree; incentivize states to do the identical factor.

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Mandatory Minimums: Fight to repeal obligatory minimums on the federal degree and provides states incentives to repeal their obligatory minimums.

Retroactive Reforms: Make all sentencing reforms retroactive.

Clemency Board: Establish an impartial clemency board.

Appointments: Appoint federal judges who’ve demonstrated a dedication to felony justice reform, and who’ve numerous backgrounds and experiences, together with as public defenders, authorized help attorneys and civil rights attorneys.

Prison Reform

Private Prisons & Detention Centers: End using personal prisons and detention facilities, together with for immigration offenses.

Solitary Confinement: End solitary confinement in all however uncommon, distinctive circumstances.

Educational Opportunities: Expand funding for the chance to pursue training and expertise coaching (be taught to learn, earn a GED, pursue a school diploma, or be taught a brand new commerce) throughout and after incarceration.

Bureau of Prisons Oversight: Create a Bureau of Prisons ombudsman for people who find themselves incarcerated and their households to make complaints and get immediate redress.

Prison Closures: Incentivize jail and jail closures as populations decline. Ensure the assets saved are invested immediately into these communities which were most impacted by mass incarceration.

Prison Workers: Abolish pressured and exploitative labor in jail; guarantee enforcement of well being and security legal guidelines (i.e. OSHA for prisoners).

Rehabilitation and Reentry

Removing Barriers to Reentry: Remove restrictions on entry to public housing, employment, occupational licenses, driver’s licenses and public advantages. Expungement and sealing of convictions.

Housing: Ensure 100% of previously incarcerated people have housing upon reentry. Direct HUD to solely contract with entities open to housing reentrants.

Driving Privileges: Wipe out excellent site visitors fines that will forestall reentrants from acquiring a license, if they’ve been incarcerated for six months or longer (however not for critical driving violations).

Pell Grants: Reinstate Pell Grant eligibility for beforehand incarcerated people.

Voting Rights: Restore the correct to vote for all previously incarcerated people.

Juvenile Justice Reform

Expungement: Condition the receipt of federal funds on the automated expungement and sealing of juvenile data (it doesn’t matter what the underlying offense).

Juvenile Courts: Incentivize states to elevate the minimal age at which a person could also be tried in grownup courtroom. Encourage the institution and use of juvenile courts.

Juvenile Sentencing Reform: Abolish life with out parole for juveniles (irrespective of the underlying offense).

So, there you have got it. And that is solely the felony justice reform portion of the Biden/Sanders Unity Task Force manifesto.

We don’t find out about you however from a legislation enforcement perspective, there may be not quite a bit in there to love in case you are a police officer, sheriff, corrections officer or for that matter anybody who works in legislation enforcement normally.

Clearly these proposals weren’t made in live performance with individuals who truly work in legislation enforcement. Is there room for compromise on a few of these proposals? Absolutely. But it’s clear that these proposals come from the standpoint of taking good care of offenders and tying the fingers of cops.

We urge our brother and sister legislation enforcement officers and officers to please take into account the above while you vote on November 3.

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