Repaying your undergraduate student loan

Repaying your undergraduate student loan

Once you permit examine and begin incomes over a specific amount, your student loan repayments will start. Here’s how your month-to-month repayments are calculated and made.

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If your earnings is diminished throughout this era, your student loan repayments will lower or cease utterly.

Find extra data on the GOV.UK website.

Student loan reimbursement thresholds

If your course began earlier than 1 September 2012, or you have got a loan from the student finance businesses in Northern Ireland or Scotland, you’ll have a Plan 1 loan that you simply’ll pay again while you earn over £19,390 a yr, £1,615 a month or £372 per week.

If you started your course after 1 September 2012 in England or Wales, you’ll have a Plan 2 loan. You’ll start paying off your student loan while you earn over £26,575 a yr, £2,214 a month or £511 per week.

Repayments after you permit examine

Repayments are made routinely via the tax system. Payments will rely upon the quantity you earn over the brink throughout any given pay interval. By pay interval we imply every time you obtain your wage. This may very well be each week, fortnight, 4 weeks, or a calendar month. Payments will cease for those who earn under the brink for that pay interval and when you’ve paid off your student loan in full. It is essential to notice that if, for instance, you’re paid on a month-to-month foundation and earn over the reimbursement threshold for that month, maybe because of a bonus or additional time, a deduction will likely be created from your wage.

If by the top of the yr you have got earned below the yearly reimbursement threshold, you may name SLC to ask for a refund. However, in case you have earned over the yearly reimbursement threshold, no fund will likely be due.

You’ll repay your loan whether or not you’re:

  • an worker
  • self-employed
  • abroad.

It’s essential to grasp precisely what’s concerned in student loan repayments so you may handle your month-to-month price range correctly.

Types of student loan

There are various kinds of student loans: Income Contingent Loans and Mortgage Style Loans (often known as a Fixed Term Loan).

Income Contingent Loans:

  • If you began finding out on or after September 1998, you have got an Income Contingent Loan.
  • This sort of loan doesn’t contain flat month-to-month funds however is paid again via the tax system in variable quantities relying in your earnings.
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Income Contingent Loans have two forms of reimbursement plan:

  • Student loan Plan 1 – These apply wherever you studied within the UK, until you have got a Plan 2 loan.
  • Student loan Plan 2 – You’ll have a Plan 2 loan for those who’re finding out in England or Wales and began your research on or after 1 September 2012.

Mortgage Style Loans:

  • If you began finding out earlier than September 1998, you’ll have a Mortgage Style Loan.

When do student loan repayments begin?

The earliest you’ll have to begin repaying your student loan is 6 April, the yr after you permit examine from college or faculty.

Read extra about when it’s best to begin repaying your loan on GOV.UK

Repayments solely begin when you’ve began incomes above a sure wage. This depends upon which loan you have got.

Plan 1 loans will begin being repaid when you earn over the annual threshold of £19,390 a yr, £1,615 a month or £372 per week.

Plan 2 loan repayments begin when you earn over the annual threshold of £26,575 a yr, £2,214 a month or £511 per week.

You may need each Plan 1 and Plan 2 repayments to make, relying on while you began your research. Read extra about this on the Student Loans Company website.

How the Student Loans Company is aware of how a lot you’re incomes

The Student Loans Company makes use of your National Insurance quantity to maintain observe of your earnings.

They’ll instruct HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to inform your employer while you begin working, and funds will likely be deducted out of your taxable earnings.

If your earnings falls under the beginning threshold inside a sure pay interval, there gained’t be a reimbursement deduction made for that pay interval. By pay interval we imply every time you obtain your wage. This may very well be each week, fortnight, 4 weeks, or a calendar month.

Once the loan is paid off in full, HMRC notifies your employer and the repayments will cease.

However, if any funds slip via earlier than your employer takes motion, you’ll be refunded.

You ought to hold observe of wage deductions and speak to the Student Loans Company for those who assume you have got paid again an excessive amount of.

If you’re self employed

If you’re self-employed, HMRC will calculate what you owe every year in repayments, when you file your tax return.

Just just remember to tick the field in your tax return which states that you simply presently have a student loan.

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If you’ll be abroad

If you’ll be abroad for 3 months or extra and your repayments have already began, it’s good to submit an Overseas Income Assessment Form which can work out how a lot it’s good to repay whereas overseas.

What it’s important to repay

The quantity you pay again is 9% of the earnings you earn over the reimbursement thresholds:

  • £19,390 a yr, £1,615 a month or £372 per week for Plan 1

  • £26,575 a yr, £2,214 a month or £511 per week for Plan 2.

Interest is added to your loan from the date of your first loan cost.

Plan 1

For instance, incomes £27,000 a yr would imply you’re being paid £7,610 over the brink. 9% of £7,610 is £684.90 a yr, or £57.08 per 30 days.

Interest on Plan 1 student loans

The rate of interest is about on 1 September every year, though it may well change through the yr too. Currently the rate of interest on Plan 1 loans is 1.75%

Plan 2

Under Plan 2, you’ll repay 9% of your earnings over the equal pay interval earnings threshold. So, for those who earned £2,330 per 30 days (or £27,096 per yr), you’d repay £10 per 30 days (that’s 9% of the £116 that’s ABOVE the month-to-month threshold of £2,214).

If you earned £2,500 a month (or £30,000 a yr), you’d repay 9% of the £286 above the related month-to-month pay interval threshold (simply over £25 a month).

We’ve assumed that you’re paid in 12 equal month-to-month funds within the above examples.

Interest on Plan 2 student loans

When you’re finding out, the curiosity in your loan is the UK Retail Price Index (RPI) plus 3%. After you permit your course, the speed depends upon how a lot you earn and varies between RPI for these incomes £26,575 or much less to RPI plus 3% for these incomes over £47,835.

When you have got a Plan 1 and a Plan 2 loan

You’ll start paying again your Plan 1 loan while you earn over the annual threshold of £19,390 and under £26,575 a yr.

You’ll pay again each in the direction of each your Plan 1 and Plan 2 loans while you earn £26,575 or over.

The quantity you repay will likely be 9% of the quantity you earn that’s above the reimbursement threshold for the related pay interval. By pay interval we imply every time you obtain your wage. This may very well be each week, 4 weeks, a calendar month.

Repaying your student loan extra shortly

You have the proper to repay your student loan extra shortly by making single funds of £5 or extra on to the Student Loans Company everytime you wish to.

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You can do that even when your wage doesn’t but attain the beginning stage for repayments.

You even have the proper to repay your excellent student loan in full at any time.

If you do make voluntary repayments, this is not going to forestall your employer from making the standard student loan deductions out of your pay. But it does imply that repayments will cease sooner.

Before making additional funds, it’s best to take into account initially if you can also make higher use of this cash to fulfill your budgeting wants now.

Welsh loan cancellation

If you took out a upkeep loan from Student Finance Wales below Plan 1 in tutorial years 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13 and 2013/14 or below Plan 2 on or after tutorial yr 2012/13, the Welsh Government would possibly offer you a partial cancellation of as much as £1,500.

The discount will likely be utilized to the stability of your student loan by the Student Loans Company while you begin repayments.

When will my student loan be written off?

Exactly when loans are cancelled varies relying on the loan you have got and the place you studied.

Plan 1 loans and Mortgage Style Loans varies much more in phrases on when they’re written off. Find out what would apply in your circumstances.

Plan 2 loans, which you’ll have for those who studied in England or Wales and began your course on or after 1 September 2012, are usually written off 30 years after you began repaying it.

Visit the Student Loan Repayment web site to learn extra about when Plan 2 loans are written off.

Your loan is written off for those who change into completely disabled or die.

If you may show that you simply’re completely unfit for work, then the Student Loans Company may also write off your student loan. The Student Loans Repayment website has the total particulars on find out how to show this.

Read extra about when different student loans are written off on the Student Loan Repayment website.

Budget now to handle your student loan repayments

Whether you’re because of begin college or making ready to finish your research within the close to future, the second will come while you’ll begin to make student loan repayments.