Remove the 7 year student loan cap for Medical Students ·

Remove the 7 yr student loan cap for Medical Students ·

We want your assist! Please signal the petition in order that Minister Joyce can see that this can be a ‘vital problem’ for medical students and the New Zealand public. We need nothing greater than to graduate and pay again our student loans while we’re serving New Zealand as medical doctors. 


The launch of Budget 2015 confirms the fears of medical students with future hopes of becoming a member of the medical workforce in New Zealand.  They gained’t have the chance to complete their levels.  A Medical diploma in New Zealand requires 6 years of research, making it the longest undergraduate diploma within the nation. Each yr 30% of the category is chosen by the schools from a pool of candidates with a earlier diploma.

The authorities’s continued time restrictions on student loans means there isn’t any hope for about 150 students yearly who can’t stump up a minimum of $15,000 within the closing yr of research, in some circumstances $30,000 for the final two years.

New Zealand Medical Students’ Association President Elizabeth Berryman says it simply doesn’t add up.

“The government spends thousands of dollars each year on training doctors and for them to undercut their own investment so severely makes no sense at all”.

Official Information obtained from Steven Joyce, Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment, reveals that medical students are unable to borrow from personal lenders as a result of they’re unable to supply safety and aren’t incomes an revenue. In truth, the entire various funding alternatives steered by Mr Joyce aren’t potentialities.

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“Mr Joyce also suggests that we ask family and friends for money to finish the degree. I don’t think he realises that that isn’t an option for most people. Mr. Joyce should know by now this policy was flawed from the beginning. The blatant ignorance and lack of accountability is disturbing.”

Not solely does this coverage stop medical doctors from graduating however as, a outcome, additionally delays their reimbursement of student loans.

“For a government with such a huge focus on student loan repayment it boggles the mind to think they want to delay our loan repayments. As students with large amounts of debt there is nothing we would like more than the opportunity to pay that back.”

The coverage begins to have an effect on a small variety of students in November 2015. A bigger cohort, about 150, will likely be affected each November thereafter.

Elizabeth Berryman (Dunedin)
NZMSA President

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