Paying back your student loan when you're self-employed

Paying again your student loan while you’re self-employed

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When you are self-employed, repaying your student loan requires a bit extra DIY than it does while you’re paid by an organization payroll. From understanding your student loan plan to submitting repayments by Self Assessment, this is what it is advisable know.

Getting to grips together with your student loan plan

When you are taking out a student loan, you’re mechanically enrolled right into a plan. The plan you’re on will decide when you must pay again your loan and the totally different thresholds you’ll be charged towards.

Your plan is determined by:

  • while you took the loan out
  • the UK nation you had been residing in
  • whether or not you studied an undergraduate or postgraduate diploma

If you’re a UK resident and also you studied within the UK, you’re prone to have been assigned one of many following student loan plans:

  • Plan 1: Scottish and Northern Irish students who took loans out from 1st September 1998 onwards and English and Welsh students who took loans out from 1st September 1998 to thirty first August 2012. Students on this plan presently begin paying their loan again when their annual wage exceeds £19,895.
  • Plan 2: English and Welsh students who took loans out after 1st September 2012. Students on this plan will begin paying again their loan when their annual wage exceeds £27,295.
  • Postgraduate Loans: This plan is for students who took out loans for PhD or Masters levels in England and Wales after 1st September 2012. Students on this plan will begin paying again their loan when their annual wage exceeds £21,000. Scottish and Northern Irish students with postgraduate loans are added to plan 1.
  • Mortgage Style Loans: Students with loans predating September 1st 1998 within the UK have Mortgage Style Loans. Many of those loans have now been paid off and are managed by non-public firms equivalent to Honour Student Loans, Thesis Servicing and Erudio Student Loans.

If you are uncertain which student loan plan you are on, this useful flowchart ought to assist:

The governance of student loans differs from nation to nation

For student loans in England, loan recipients will be on plan 1, plan 2, or have a postgraduate-style or a mortgage fashion loan. The governing physique for England is Student Finance England.

For student loans in Wales, loan recipients will be on plan 1, plan 2, or have a postgraduate fashion or mortgage fashion loan. The governing physique for Wales is Student Finance Wales.

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For student loans in Scotland, loan recipients can both be on plan 1 or a mortgage fashion loan. The governing physique for Scotland is the Student Award Agency for Scotland.

For student loans in Northern Ireland, loan recipients can both be on plan 1 or a mortgage fashion loan. The governing physique for Northern Ireland is Finance NI.

Understanding how a lot you pay again every month

Your month-to-month repayments for student loans are primarily based in your annual earnings earlier than tax. Your earnings—whether or not or not it’s from the wage you pay your self, dividends or investments— decides whether or not you’re over the brink for paying again your loan.

Different student loan plans have totally different thresholds. To discover out what threshold you’re on, see the desk beneath:

Annual Salary Plan Type
Plan 1 Plan 2 Postgraduate Loans
0-£19,894 0% 0% 0%
£19,895-£20,999 9% 0% 0%
£21,00-£27,294 9% 0% 6%
£27,295+ 9% 9% 6%

If you’re over the brink on your plan, you’ll pay that proportion on nonetheless a lot your earnings goes above that threshold. For instance, a freelancer with a plan 1 loan received’t pay again 9% of their wage, they’ll pay again 9% on the wage quantity which is over the brink.

Plan 1 instance

Sarah earns £20,500 as a contract author. She studied an undergraduate course in Northern Ireland so is on plan 1.

The beginning cost level is £19,895, so she is £605 over the brink. Sarah must pay again 9% of the quantity she earns over the brink.

Sarah’s wage – the brink = £20,500 – £19,895 = £605

9% of £605= £54.45

Which means Sarah pays again £54.45 a 12 months, or £4.54 a month.

Plan 2 instance

Leah is a contract graphic designer who earns £30,000 a 12 months. She took her loan out in England after 2012, so is on plan 2. Payments on plan 2 happen when your wage reaches £27,295. Therefore, Leah pays again 9% on what she owes over the brink.

Leah’s wage – threshold = £30,000 – £27,295 = £2,705

9% of £2,705 = £243.45

So Leah pays again £243.45 a 12 months, or £20.29 a month.

To discover out the remaining steadiness of your student loan, get in contact with the Student Loans Company.

How freelancers pay again their student loan by their Self Assessment

Unless you’re a restricted firm director and take all of your pay by your organization’s payroll, HMRC assesses how a lot of your student loan it’s best to repay every year by your Self Assessment tax return. When you full your return, you possibly can examine a field to point out that you’ve got a student loan. HMRC will then let you understand how a lot of your loan it is advisable pay.

FreeAgent’s accounting software program lets you full your Self Assessment and add it on to HMRC. You can point out which student loan plan you’re on, any deductions you’ve had from employers through the tax 12 months and, while you’re prepared, submit your accomplished tax return on to HMRC.

FreeAgent also can estimate how a lot student loan you’ll be liable to pay, in addition to your National Insurance and Income Tax legal responsibility.

Find out extra about how FreeAgent may also help you get your Self Assessment sorted right here.

Frequently requested questions on student loans for self-employed folks

Can I pay again extra if enterprise goes effectively?

If you’re able to pay again greater than your student loan requires, you can also make bigger funds by the Student Loans Company. An apparent benefit to that is that you simply received’t have your student debt hanging over you for as lengthy.

However, Martin Lewis, writer of the favored weblog, argues towards this method. Lewis argues that as student loans don’t have an effect on your credit rankings, are low curiosity and mechanically written off after 30 years there’s no incentive to pay them off early.

Can I pay again much less if enterprise goes badly?

Because your student loan repayments are tied to your Self Assessment earnings, your loan repayments will mechanically be smaller in the event you’re incomes much less.

For enterprise house owners having an off 12 months, this shall be mirrored in decrease loan repayments.

If I’m working by a restricted firm and my student loan comes out of my payroll, who administers this – me or my accountant?

That’s actually as much as you. You can do that your self or chances are you’ll want to have an accountant full your Self Assessment or administer your payroll.

Is there any assist for small enterprise house owners battling student loan repayments?

There are many charities which provide assist and recommendation for these which are learning with money owed. Two of observe are StepChange and the Debt Advice Foundation.

Frequently requested questions on student loans for everybody

Do student loans have an effect on my means to get a mortgage?

Student loans don’t have an effect on your means to get a mortgage. What could also be affected is the worth of the mortgage you’re capable of acquire. This is as a result of mortgage worth is calculated in your means to make month-to-month repayments. Student loan repayments might scale back the quantity of disposable earnings you could have accessible and scale back the worth of the mortgage you’ll be able to safe towards your earnings.

If you want recommendation on the best way to get a mortgage while you’re self-employed, this information explains every part it is advisable know.

Can I take holidays or deferrals from my student loan?

You can’t formally defer or take a compensation vacation out of your student loan, however you’ll not have to make funds in the event you’re beneath the earnings threshold for the 12 months.

For instance, in case you are on plan 2, and your earnings for the tax 12 months fall beneath £27,295, you’ll be capable to take a break out of your loan.

Do student loans get written off if I work overseas?

Students loans don’t get written off in the event you work overseas. While it might appear as if some students escape abroad and slip by the cracks of student loan debt assortment, that is typically a false impression.

If you’re considering of working abroad, examine the Student Loans Company compensation thresholds for various international locations. It’s additionally value noting that in the event you’re considering of working overseas and have a UK student loan debt, it is advisable fill out an Overseas Income Assessment Form.

Are student loans tax deductible?

Unfortunately, no. Student loans aren’t a tax deductible profit for self-employed folks.

Do student loans have an effect on my credit rating?

No. Unlike many different types of loans and credit, student loans don’t have an effect on your credit ranking.

Disclaimer: The content material included on this information relies on our understanding of tax legislation on the time of publication. It could also be topic to vary and will not be relevant to your circumstances, so shouldn’t be relied upon. You are liable for complying with tax legislation and will search impartial recommendation in the event you require additional details about the content material included on this information. If you do not have an accountant, check out our listing to discover a FreeAgent Practice Partner primarily based in your native space.