Financial Waterfalls for New Residents and Attendings

Financial Waterfalls for New Residents and Attendings

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By Dr. James M. Dahle, WCI Founder

Today’s publish is impressed by certainly one of our audio system on the 2018 WCI Conference, Sarah Catherine Gutierrez, CFP. She introduced what she calls “The Waterfall” of tax-efficient investing. As you fill one cup, it spills over into the following cup as demonstrated beneath.


White Coat Investor Financial Waterfalls

Doctors love this sort of factor—an inventory that tells them precisely what to do with their cash. Reality is a bit more difficult than only a listing, and a hardcore hobbyist can normally decide just a few nits with any listing. But they’re nonetheless fairly helpful as a rule of thumb. Today, what I want to do is current a “waterfall” for each new residents and new attendings. I’m certain the feedback part might be filled with nits, which is nice. None of that is set in stone. But I believe it would nonetheless be helpful to many readers. Let’s begin with the residents. Be conscious that I’m not simply speaking about cash in my “waterfalls”; I’m additionally speaking about time and life vitality.



Resident Financial Waterfall

Here’s what new residents needs to be fascinated about.


waterfall resident


As you may see, our first bucket on the waterfall is insurance. If your time, vitality, and cash are so restricted which you could’t afford to do anything, I like to recommend getting incapacity insurance. An particular person coverage (with a pleasant future buy possibility rider) might be greatest, however get a gaggle coverage at a minimal.

Life insurance comes subsequent, at the least for these with another person (normally a partner and/or children) relying on their earnings. If you will have youngsters, you additionally want a will.


Emergency Fund

The subsequent step is an emergency fund, however this needs to be a resident-sized emergency fund. It is probably going a four-figure quantity. This is sufficient cash to exchange a washer, fly to a funeral, and possibly even purchase a beater with out taking up new debt. Traditionally, an emergency fund is 3-6 months of bills.

Dave Ramsey recommends in opposition to a 3-6 month emergency fund for anybody with debt, just because they’ve higher issues to do with their cash. I agree that a large emergency fund is not a significant precedence for residents for just a few causes:

  • First, your job and pay are very steady as a resident.
  • Second, you will have a ton of nice makes use of in your cash, in all probability together with a six-figure 6%+ debt.
  • Finally, direct contributions to a Roth IRA could be taken out at any time tax- and penalty-free and, in that respect, can function an emergency fund.

It simply does not make sense to have a five-figure quantity sitting round incomes lower than 1% curiosity whereas passing up the tax advantages of Roth accounts and paying 6%+ curiosity. But $1,000? Sure. What about $2,000-$5,000? OK. Maybe even as much as $10,000. But not more than that for a household primarily counting on the earnings of a resident to outlive. That takes care of the “insurance” part.


Student Loans

Next, we transfer into the “student loan” part. This is the elephant within the monetary room for three-fourths of residents and can’t be ignored. You want a plan in your student loans. Private student loans can safely be refinanced any time you may discuss somebody into providing you with a decrease charge. If they had been mine, I’d begin the day I walked out of residency and repeat each six months. You should not have to enter forbearance or deferment as there are personal corporations that provide funds of $0-$100 per thirty days. You can afford that.

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You additionally want a plan in your direct federal loans. The ordinary plan is REPAYE, which subsidizes your curiosity, successfully reducing the speed in your loans. However, there are circumstances (that normally contain being married to a different earner) that may make PAYE and even refinancing your loans (provided that not going for PSLF) the best choice. Get some recommendation should you’re in that boat.


Maximize Salary and Pay-Off High-Interest Debt

At this level, you need to be sure you do not depart any of your wage on the desk. What do I imply by that? I imply the employer match in your 401(ok) or 403(b). Go to HR, ask for the plan doc, see if there’s a match, and decide how a lot you could contribute to get it. Contribute that a lot to the 401(ok)/403(b) (use the Roth possibility if out there). Your subsequent precedence is high-interest debt. What do I imply by that? I imply these credit playing cards you used to pay for interview bills. I imply that 9% relocation loan you took out. I imply that 7% automotive loan you will have. Pay it off. Experienced buyers salivate over assured 7%-30% returns, and you have got them simply sitting round in your submitting cupboard.


Financial Education

Your subsequent precedence will not price a lot cash, however it would price you a while. You must develop into financially literate. Maybe this implies investing in just a few good books and even the Fire Your Financial Advisor Course. Maybe it means paying just a few hundred {dollars} to a monetary advisor to assist draw up a plan. Maybe it means spending hours whereas on name pouring by means of outdated weblog posts or taking part within the discussion board or social media teams. It’ll be completely different for everybody, however it’s good to acquire primary monetary literacy.


financial waterfalls

Health Savings Account

Your subsequent investing precedence could also be a Health Savings Account. This triple-tax-free account is the most effective deal entering into investing, however most residents aren’t eligible for one since they do not have a High Deductible Health Plan. That’s OK should you’re not, however in case you are eligible, make sure you use this account. Your employer would possibly even put some cash in there for you.


Roth IRA

Next comes the Roth IRA. As a resident, you might be within the lowest tax bracket you may ever be in for the remainder of your life. Take benefit of this tax-free account when you nonetheless can. Remember you may even do one for a non-working partner out of your earnings, as nicely. One potential exception to that is in case you are making an attempt to attenuate your earnings so as to decrease your Income Drive Repayment plan funds so as to maximize your Public Service Loan Forgiveness. But in the long term, most individuals are going to be glad they invested in tax-free accounts first throughout residency. Remember you will have till tax day of the next 12 months to make your contribution. Also, in case you are doing quite a lot of moonlighting or have a high-earning partner, you may need to do these contributions by means of the Backdoor.


401(ok) or 403(b)

Next comes your 401(ok) or 403(b), once more utilizing the Roth possibility if out there—a possible exception is perhaps these going for PSLF who could want to use a tax-deferred account. If there isn’t a Roth possibility out there, convert the entire thing to a Roth IRA within the tax 12 months you develop into an attending (assuming you separate out of your employer).

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If you continue to have not run out of cash at this level, you are some type of a loopy super-saving resident (or married to an attending, by which case you would possibly need to mix this waterfall with the one beneath in a approach that is smart in your state of affairs). But should you’ve acquired the money, this is what to do subsequent. Pay off your personal loans (and even your federal ones if not going for PSLF). No loans? Then begin enjoying attending. Build up your emergency fund, begin saving up a down fee (or paying down the mortgage should you purchased a home in residency), and begin investing in taxable. And for heaven’s sake, go on a trip.


Attending Waterfall


waterfall attending


As a resident, you probably could not afford or qualify for the entire insurance you wanted. Now is the time so as to add on one other incapacity insurance coverage (or train the Future Purchase Option rider) and, if wanted, one other life insurance coverage. Got married, had a child, or moved to a different state? Update that may! You nonetheless want that tiny emergency fund if you do not have one.


Student Loans

It’s additionally time to readdress the student loan problem. At this level, it is best to know should you’re going for PSLF or not (i.e. are you immediately employed by a 501(c)(3) after making a major variety of small qualifying funds whereas in coaching?) If you might be, that in all probability means switching from REPAYE to PAYE (assuming that now provides you decrease funds because of the cap). If you aren’t going for PSLF and are in a typical loan state of affairs owing lower than 1.5X your gross earnings, then it is time to refinance your student loans, probably for the second or third time. If you might be in an excessive state of affairs with monster student loans (1.5-4X+ of your gross wage) and NOT going for PSLF, you then in all probability ought to get some student loan recommendation. First, make REALLY certain you may’t get a job at a PSLF-qualifying establishment. Then think about PAYE forgiveness (20 years of funds in change for taxable forgiveness of the rest). Be certain to save lots of up for that tax bomb in 12 months 20.

If you might be within the typical state of affairs (i.e. you’ve got refinanced your loans) your subsequent precedence is to pay sufficient towards them that they are going to be gone inside 5 years. I’ve had lots of people push again on this advice, however should you reside like a resident and haven’t got excessive debt, you are able to do this with cash to spare. No rule of thumb is ever 100% and correlation shouldn’t be essentially causation, however I can let you know this: the vast majority of medical doctors who develop into financially profitable are rid of their student loans inside 5 years and the vast majority of those that don’t develop into financially profitable nonetheless had loans at 5 years. If you are going for PSLF (and even an excessive answer like PAYE forgiveness), you continue to must make these funds. Just make them into your investing accounts, so if one thing occurs to PSLF, you do not come out behind. Working at a 501(c)(3) shouldn’t be a permission slip to not reside like a resident for 2-5 years after residency.

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Retirement Accounts

Get your employer match and do away with any high-interest debt as famous underneath the resident part. Then go for the HSA. At this level, the precedence listing is somewhat completely different throughout your first six months out of residency versus yearly afterward. During your final six months of residency and first six months of attendinghood, you can be in an intermediate tax bracket—not as little as what you had as a resident however not as excessive as throughout your peak earnings years, particularly should you’re in a partnership observe. If you made tax-deferred 401(ok)/403(b) contributions throughout residency, now’s the time to transform them to a Roth IRA. If you might be eligible for a Roth 401(ok)/403(b), use it this 12 months. Your Roth IRA contributions could now must undergo the Backdoor as nicely, however you continue to have till tax day of the next 12 months to get them completed.

Once you are into your second 12 months as an attending and both in or approaching your peak incomes years, it is time to prioritize tax-deferred accounts increased than tax-free accounts. That means you are in all probability completed with Roth conversions. No extra Roth 401(ok)/403(b)/457. Max out your tax-deferred accounts (together with your 457 if it has low prices, good investing choices, good distribution choices, and if a non-governmental plan is supplied by a steady employer). Then do your Backdoor Roth IRAs.


Pay Off Student Loans

My subsequent precedence at this level for these with extra cash could be to repay your student loans even quicker. You have friends paying off their loans in 18, 12, 9, and even 6 months. The sooner you will have them paid off, the earlier you may transfer on along with your monetary life. Don’t fall into the entice of, “They’re only 3%-4%, I’ll bet my investments can do better than that.” Maybe you are a kind of uncommon docs who actually make investments the distinction and whose prescribing habits aren’t affected by Big Pharma promoting, however you are in all probability not. Yes, the long-term math is more likely to work out, however the long-term conduct normally does not.


Boosting Emergency Fund and Buying a Home the Right Way

When the student loans are gone, you are practically to the top of your Live like a Resident interval. Boost that emergency fund as much as 3-6 months of bills earlier than increasing your life-style. If you are not already into a house with a physician loan, save up a down fee. If you will have a physician loan, think about paying it down and refinancing into a standard loan if you may get a decrease charge. Invest in taxable, repay low-interest debt, and possibly even toss stuff additional on the mortgage—supplier’s selection. This can be the place the place funding 529s and different financial savings for the following era matches in.


Hopefully, you discover these two “waterfalls” useful in your monetary planning. This monetary stuff is not that difficult—quite a lot of it’s you making a one-time effort after which placing it on computerized pilot. Get your funds so as so you may focus on what issues most in your life.

What do you suppose? Do you agree with my waterfalls? Why or why not? What would you modify or add? Comment beneath!

[This updated post was originally published in 2018.]