Does Student Loan Debt Get Split in a Divorce?

Does Student Loan Debt Get Split in a Divorce?

In years previous, the most important money owed {couples} needed to face throughout a divorce have been credit card payments and mortgages. These days, nonetheless, student loans are sometimes the first concern for {couples} of their 20s, 30s, and even 40s. This is as a result of student loan debt can generally be as important as a small mortgage – and that could possibly be the case for only one partner’s debt.

It goes with out saying, then, that many individuals have gotten more and more involved about what occurs to student loan debt throughout a divorce. Does it get cut up? Is the one that created the debt accountable for it? Does it make a distinction if student loans have been taken out earlier than or throughout marriage?

We’ll tackle these questions by taking a more in-depth take a look at this difficulty beneath.

Assigning Student Loan Debt throughout Divorce

California is a neighborhood property state. This implies that when a divorce happens, every partner ought to obtain 50% of the neighborhood belongings and money owed. “Community” merely refers to each spouses and the belongings and money owed they acquired throughout a wedding and earlier than a authorized separation or divorce. At face worth, it looks like this also needs to be the case for student loan debt, however California treats this matter slightly otherwise.

The state views training as one thing that advantages an individual for the remainder of their life, which incorporates the life they dwell after their divorce. As a outcome, California usually doesn’t make one partner chargeable for the opposite’s student debt after divorce. The presumption the courts start with is that the neighborhood (each spouses) doesn’t profit from the training the student-spouse acquired and took on debt to afford (sometimes in marriages lasting 10 or fewer years).

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That stated, there are some notable exceptions, pursuant to Family Code Section 2641.

These exceptions embody the next:

  • Both spouses within the marriage really did considerably profit from the training or coaching the opposite social gathering acquired.
  • Both spouses acquired training or coaching paid for with neighborhood belongings.
  • The courtroom will contemplate how spousal assist could also be impacted by both social gathering’s degree of training when assigning debt obligations

If one partner saddled with student debt believes the opposite ought to be accountable for a few of it after the divorce, they need to show that one in every of these exceptions holds true.

Are You Concerned about Debt Assignment throughout Your Divorce?

Although California regulation states every partner is 50% accountable for neighborhood money owed, there could also be nuanced circumstances in your scenario that ought to be taken under consideration. Whether you want to combat in opposition to taking a portion of debt or combat to have your ex-spouse pay their fair proportion of debt, our attorneys at Claery & Hammond, LLP may be there to assist.

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