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By: Valencia Higuera | Reviewed by: Alicia Bodine, Certified Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach | Updated January 28, 2019

Tight mortgage lending pointers could make qualifying for a loan difficult. Lenders take elements resembling your employment file, your revenue and your credit into consideration. In your thoughts, you meet the rules for a house or auto loan, however a lender might really feel in any other case. This is why prequalifications are important to the mortgage and automotive loan course of. But earlier than submitting a prequalification utility, it is advisable to perceive how the method works and the way prequalifications have an effect on your credit.


During a prequalification, firms might carry out a tender credit pull, which won’t have an effect on your credit.

What Is a Prequalification?

Prequalification is the primary stage of the house and automotive shopping for course of. You can go to a lender’s web site to discover a prequalification utility. This utility takes your fundamental data, resembling your title, tackle, phone quantity, Social Security quantity and revenue. The utility may even ask the quantity of your excellent debt and property. A mortgage or auto loan lender evaluates this data, and based mostly on the assessment, decides whether or not you are prone to be authorised for a loan. Understand, nonetheless, that lenders don’t confirm data throughout the prequalification stage. Thus, a prequalification just isn’t a loan dedication.

Does a Prequalification Affect Credit?

A prequalification won’t have an effect on your credit, as throughout the prequalification stage, solely a tender credit pull is completed. Lenders differ, and a few base prequalifications solely on the knowledge supplied within the preliminary utility and don’t even conduct credit checks. But if a lender does run your credit, the prequalification will seem as a tender inquiry in your credit report.

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A preapproval, which is the following step after a prequalification, is completely different, as this ends in a tough credit pull inquiry. Since there’s a connection between credit inquiries and danger, debtors who open a number of accounts inside a brief time period might have problem paying their payments. Plus, extreme inquiries can point out monetary hassle and a determined want for credit. Because exhausting inquiries influence credit scores, getting preapproved with a number of lenders might decrease your credit rating and finally have an effect on an approval.

How to Avoid Credit Damage

You can keep away from credit injury if a lender checks your credit throughout the prequalification stage because of the tender credit pull. Rate procuring is frequent throughout the loan course of, and it is common for patrons to prequalify with a number of lenders. As lengthy as your not truly looking for a preapproval, credit scoring techniques won’t penalize you for prequalifying with a number of lenders.

To keep away from credit injury from a number of inquiries, full all of your preapproval functions inside a brief span of time, ideally inside 14 days or two weeks. This is essential as a result of if you submit a number of functions inside a 14-day span, they rely as only one inquiry. Additionally, credit scoring techniques ignore loan inquiries made inside the 30 days previous to their recalculations, in order that the inquiries do not damage your new FICO rating.

Additional Considerations

Some house and auto patrons mistakenly confuse a prequalification with a preapproval. The processes are very completely different and the phrases aren’t interchangeable. While a prequalification begins the loan course of, the vast majority of house and auto loan lenders don’t confirm your credit and revenue throughout this course of. As beforehand talked about, some lenders verify credit stories throughout the prequalification interval with a tender pull, however these loan officers don’t confirm monetary data and property. Verification of data takes place throughout the preapproval stage. The lender will request your tax returns, pay stubs and bank statements. If the mortgage or auto lender didn’t run your credit for the prequalification, the corporate will run your credit for the preapproval. A preapproval letter signifies that you simply meet the necessities for a house or auto loan.

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