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Cardi B and Bernie Sanders simply tackled student loan debt from a nail salon

It’s been a few weeks since we first noticed that wild picture of Bernie Sanders sitting in a Detroit nail salon with Cardi B. It raised so many questions: What did they speak about? Will “Money” be Bernie’s new marketing campaign track? Did he get a mani-pedi? Now, eventually, we’ve solutions, as the total interview is accessible on-line. (And no, if Sanders obtained his nails accomplished, it didn’t make the ultimate minimize of the video.)

Cardi B and the presidential candidate sat down on the Black-owned TEN Nail Bar in Detroit to debate essential points for the 2020 election, in addition to why Cardi feels so strongly about getting concerned.

No shock, Cardi is an interesting interviewer—even when it felt like somebody had overly scripted the questions, which she says have been despatched in by her followers. His solutions didn’t get too detailed, however they provided some reassurance to Cardi followers and everybody else about police brutality and the financial hardships they may be dealing with now on account of low wages, excessive well being care prices, and big student loan debt.

“Bernie, do you think it’s going to be possible to eliminate student debt?” Cardi requested. “Because so many people are suffering from these things, and it just, I feel like it discourages the youth to go to school.”

The Vermont senator gave a two-part reply, reminding us that 45 million Americans have student loans proper now.

That appeared to fulfill Cardi, who additionally had the prospect to gush over her favourite president in U.S. historical past, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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“Come on now, he did the New Deal!” she exclaimed, although Sanders made his case to take FDR’s place as her fave if he will get elected.

It’s not solely clear if Cardi’s “Let’s feel the Bern!” on the finish of the interview constitutes an official endorsement. We’d love if as a substitute this was simply the primary of a sequence of interviews she’ll do with all of the presidential candidates. Senator Warren, you up for a procuring journey?

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