Can I Put My Student Loan Payment on a Credit Card?

Can I Put My Student Loan Payment on a Credit Card?

Nowadays, practically two-thirds of faculty students graduate with student loan debt, with the common debt load approaching $50,000 as of 2018. Millions of persons are diligently paying off these loans, however even probably the most accountable debtors can discover themselves in a pinch — a job loss, a debilitating medical situation or one other emergency that leaves them unable to make their month-to-month fee.

In such conditions, can you set a student loan fee on a credit card? Not immediately.

In normal, student loan servicers don’t settle for credit playing cards. For one factor, federal laws typically prohibit it. Further, each credit card transaction includes processing charges which are paid by the get together that accepts the cardboard as fee. Lenders actually aren’t going to pay these charges the best way shops do. (Stores can accommodate credit card charges by factoring them into their costs, like every other price of doing enterprise.)

Using an middleman

When you possibly can’t pay a invoice immediately with a credit card, one possibility is to make use of an middleman service. These firms cost your credit card for the quantity of the invoice, then ship a examine on your fee. They cost you an extra price to cowl processing prices — and, in fact, to make a revenue.

The most outstanding middleman service is Plastiq, which fees 2.85% for credit card funds.

Using an middleman is at greatest a final resort. Here’s why: Say you’ve gotten a $500 loan fee due. An middleman may cost your card $515 — the quantity of the fee plus a 3% price — then ship a examine to your lender for $500.

Your loan stays in good standing … however you are worse off than earlier than:

  • You have not decreased your debt. You’ve simply moved it to a distinct place.

  • You’re really deeper in debt. The 4% price added $20 to your complete obligations.

  • The debt is dearer. Interest charges on credit playing cards are increased — usually a lot increased — than on student loans. So that $500 value of debt will price you extra to hold going ahead.

Nerd tip: Even if a student loan servicer determined to allow you to pay your invoice immediately with a credit card, it will undoubtedly move the credit card processing prices alongside to you as a “convenience fee.”

Is it value it for rewards?

Maybe you are considering of placing student loan funds on a credit card with the intention to reap rewards. If you are going to be spending the $500 anyway, why not get some factors or money again on it? Bad thought. The processing charges you may need to pay will virtually actually offset the worth of the rewards.

How a few 0% card?

Putting the fee on a card with an introductory 0% APR interval would at the very least spare you from having to pay curiosity within the quick time period. But you’d nonetheless need to pay the processing charges. And if you cannot repay the steadiness by the top of the 0% interval, you may be confronted with skyrocketing finance fees.

What else are you able to do?

If you are struggling to make your student loan funds, have a look at present reduction choices earlier than pursuing a fast repair with a credit card. Those choices embrace:

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