15 memes about student loans for when you're in debt and need to laugh it off

15 memes about student loans for once you’re in debt and have to snigger it off

Congrats graduates! Your student loan debt could be forgiven if, and provided that, you’re left-handed, stay in Iowa, apprentice below a wizard, and it is the third cycle of the fifth blood moon. 

So in the meanwhile, we would simply must fork over the money each month. It might be laborious to be slapped with an adult-sized invoice once you nonetheless really feel like an exhausted little one, besides taller and with the flexibility to drink alcohol. Who gave us this accountability of tens of hundreds of {dollars} for the subsequent few a long time? After all, as so many individuals so eloquently put it, “I’m baby.” 

You begin pondering to your self — did I even want that greater training? I do not really feel any smarter? Why am I laying down stacks when my TA simply confirmed Bill Nye movies our complete lecture? 

Sadly, we do not have the solutions (we’re all at present coping with our personal student loans, RIP.) But for those who really feel like good ol’ Sallie Mae is burning an entire in your paycheck each month, and no one appears to have a concrete plan to destroy the loans by way of a bit of sunshine arson, these memes are for you. 

At least we can’t be caught paying our loans again within the afterlife. Right? Right? 

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