Читать онлайн книгу On the Way to Success. На пути к успеху

Читать онлайн книгу On the Way to Success. На пути к успеху

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5. She could not keep in mind the place she had (оставила) her umbrella.

6. At first Ann discovered her new college fairly unusual, however she step by step (привыкает) to it.

VI. Complete the sentences utilizing the suitable derivatives of the phrases in capitals.

1. Many … are nonetheless … concerning the worth of this … programme. SCIENCE, SCEPTIC, SEARCH

2. Students quickly get … in the event you criticize them too usually. COURAGE

3. Peter spoke so … that we may … hear him. QUIET, HARD

4. Bill says that… Latin or Ancient… is a waste of time. LEARN, GREECE

5.1 assume that males drive extra … than ladies. AGGRESSION

VII. Spot the errors and proper them.

1. How cloudy sky is!

2. You’d higher to not go there alone.

3. Is it any time left?

4. No sooner had I bought into the bathtub when the phone rang.

VIII. Supply an acceptable stimulus-utterance.

1.__________________ Are you?

2__________________ – Yes, positive.


I. Use the proper tense-form of the verbs in brackets.

1. – Yesterday I (have) a horrible day. -What (occur)!

First I (fail) a check, or a minimum of I feel I did. Then I (drop) my books whereas I (stroll) throughout the campus and so they (fall) right into a mud puddle. And lastly my bike (steal).

Oh, poor you!

2. Tom (need) to be a lawyer when he (develop) up.

3 Yesterday at a restaurant, I (see) Judy, an outdated good friend of mine.

At first, I (not/acknowledge) her as a result of she (lose) a minimum of

fifty kilos. 4. What? He bought married once more? At this fee, he (have) a dozen wives by the point he (die).

II. Use the best article.

1. As quickly as I left Deal, I noticed … low flat cloud, iron-grey after which blue, throughout… Channel. … nearer I bought to … Dover,… extra clearly it was outlined. I walked on and noticed it was … sequence of headlands. It was … France.

2. … query was tough. None of … pupils knew … reply.

3. … village has modified past … recognition since we had been there final.

4. I’m very happy to announce … identify of… winner.

5. … bank supplied us … loan on … very beneficial phrases.

III. Fill in an appropriate preposition or postposition.

1. During an assault … flue, the affected person ought to sleep as a lot as potential. He ought to go … mattress … the primary indicators … fever. It’s vital to guard the physique … chilly and … this cause the affected person ought to keep … mattress. But there should be recent air … the bed room. Patients want oxygen, and air flowing … one closed room … one other will not be a substitute.

2. Parkgate School, Cheshire was grounded … 1894 … Dr. Henry Proctor and was amongst the primary… a sequence … new colleges which had a substantial affect … England and the Continent. The intention was to supply boys … a wider and extra balanced schooling than had been customary. … that point it was not accustomed … admitting women.

IV. Put the phrases in the best order to make up a sentence.

1. avenue/ of/is/a/the/there/ebook/on/different/retailer/aspect/the.

2. room/one other/bag/you/have/do/ebook/your/in/for/sufficient?

3. state of affairs/home/in/advise/current/the/would not/you/I/promote to/your.

4. change/why/loosen up/a/do not/for/you?

V. Translate the Russian fragment into English.

1. The papers had been (лежали) on the desk ready to be signed.

2. (Ни один из его друзей) phoned him anymore.

3. Let’s discover a bench (в тени).

4. The children (сделали) a horrible mess of their room.

5. I can (едва ли) style (что) I’m consuming due to my chilly,

6. Will there be anybody (еще) we all know on the get together (кроме) Will and Kacey?

7. These tablets could (сделать) you’re feeling drowsy, so that you (нельзя) drive.

VI. Complete the sentences utilizing the suitable derivatives of the phrases in capitals.

1. The jury discovered him … of homicide. GUILT

2. He laughed … and embraced his brother. HEART

3. Don’t take it…. She is impolite to everybody. PERSON

4. Ingrid has such a … smile. ARM

5. My son is … asking me for cash! CONTINUE

6. There adopted an … silence. COMFORT

7. The … of tonsils will not be a really … operation these days. REMOVE, COMPLICATE

VII. Spot the errors and proper them.

1. She likes strolling underneath the rain.

2. Where are the others images?

3. Your garments is so soiled. You’d higher change it.

4. She had been ready within the chilly so lengthy that her ft had been feeling numb.

VIII. Supply an acceptable stimulus-utterance.

1._________________ – Not in any respect.

2.__________________– Yes, please.


I. Use the proper tense-form of the verbs in brackets.

1. It (rain) arduous yesterday morning, however by the point I used to be to depart residence, the rain (cease).

2. Wake up! You (sleep) lengthy sufficient. It (be) time to stand up.

3.1 (write) to Diana final week however she (not/reply) my

letter but. I nonetheless (wait) for a reply.

4. Jean mentioned she (not/can) afford that ring, because it (price) an excessive amount of.

5. San Francisco (lie) to the north of Los Angeles.

6. Since my courses (start) I (not/have) a lot free time. I (have) a number of huge checks to review for currently.

7. The mayor (converse) positively concerning the venture that (make) by our crew.

Il.Use the best article.

When was … final time you had … vacation? And did you manage … journey or did you are taking … package deal tour? These days … most individuals select … package deal tour particularly in the event that they go overseas on … vacation. But in … previous it was very tough. In … truth, earlier than … center of…. nineteenth century, travelling for … pleasure was uncommon and costly, and solely … few wealthy individuals may afford it. … man who modified all this and introduced in … age of … mass tourism was Thomas Cook.

III. Fill in an appropriate preposition or adverb.

The inhabitants … Oxford is about 115,000,… whom roughly 14,400 are college students. The University consists … 36 impartial faculties. The faculties select their very own students and supply them … tutors (often called

‘dons’ … the Latin dominus). The foundation of tuition is the. tutorial, … which students meet… their tutor a couple of times every week. … each tutorial a student will put together a written essay … which this or that drawback should be argued. the system … Oxford schooling depends … robust motivation and encourages impartial thought and work.

IV. Put the phrases in the best order to make up a sentence.

1. Japanese/wa^ay/after/rums/the/in/the/financial system.

2. greatest/and/all/do/can/is/we/hope/wait/the/for.

3. tonight’s/going/live performance/you/are/document/to?

4. contract/signing/should/element/he/the/in/examine/earlier than/it.

V. Translate the Russian fragment into English.

1. The rain was (такой) heavy that it (сделал) our picnic unattainable.

2. She’s (единственный) individual (кто) understands me.

3. Where’s the cash I’ve (дал взаймы) you?

4. That’s the most effective movie that is ever been (сделан) on this topic.

5. He tore up my picture, (что) upset me drastically.

6. She’s warned me that the field (пахнет) faintly of fish.

VI. Complete the sentences utilizing the suitable

derivatives of the phrases in capitals.

1. Ann learn the letter with a … expression on her face. PUZZLE

2. You will discover science classes energetic and___ VARY

3. You will work in small teams and be taught easy methods to use the……. EQUIP, SAFE

4. The Art Department at our college goals at… the pursuits and expertise of all pupils, to the most effective of their …. DEVELOP ABLE

5. She walked with … ease after the …. RELATE, OPERATE

6. Whether you keep or depart is a matter of complete… to me. DIFFER

VII- Spot the errors an d right them.

1 Have we bought sufficient of bread?

2.1 stayed in mattress all day as a substitute of go to work.

3. Were you on the assembly on final Monday morning?

4. In the previous week I labored extraordinarily hardly.

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VIII- Supply an acceptable stimulus-utterance.

I.___________________– Me, too.

2.___________________ – That’s all proper.


I. Use the proper tense-form of the verbs in brackets.

1. It was a pleasant instance of crew work. While I (paint) within the sweat of my face, Ricky (sit) in an armchair giving instructions – till Jane (come) in and the roles (reverse).

2. We (not/ship) you any additional items till your money owed (pay).

3. Mr. Davis! It (be) the third time I (attempt) to get you on the cellphone this morning. Where you (be)!

4. ‘Everyone (know) what a big proportion of British automobiles (produce) within the Midlands however not everybody (notice) what a tough time the business (go) via in the mean time’, the supervisor mentioned.

5. Her face was crimson as she (neglect) the solar cream.

II. Use the best article.

Peter … Great began constructing St.Petersburg in 1703. He imported … Italian architects to make its buildings greater and higher than anyplace else in … Europe…. grandiose and vibrant structure with its stunning blues, greens and pinks, would look tasteless in additional southern climates, however right here … colors go superbly with … snow and … pale winter mild.

III. Fill within the appropriate preposition or postposition.

1. Last yr we went… a package deal tour. Everything was organized … us: the flight, the inns and the entertain-ments. It was all included … the value.

2. Drunkenness is accountable … many street accidents.

3. I suppose his early age should be taken … consideration

4. We needed to come again early … vacation as a result of we had run……cash.

5. I’m actually not used … being handled like that!

6. As you see, we had been to not blame … the delay … your

flight taking……Gatwick. The delay was due ….

circumstances……our management.

IV. Put the phrases in the best order to make up a sentence.

1. determined/took/alongside/I/so/that/I/was/that/the/job/first/ got here.

2. most/even/causes/what/would not/him/to/irritated/was/ that/she/his/hear.

3. advance/you/reserve/do/have/tickets/in/to?

4. apple/me/would/for/to/you/peel/like/me/you?

V. Translate the Russian fragment into English.

1. She went working (из) the room.

2.1 did not benefit from the get together, as a result of I used to be (скучала).

3. (За обедом) they stored silent.

4. Do you have the funds for (при себе) to pay for the meal? 5.1 should purchase some meals (после работы).

6. I’ll be (скучать по тебе).

7. This may be very good materials. It feels (как) silk.

VI. Complete the sentences utilizing the suitable derivatives of the phrases in capitals.

1. … a second-hand automobile is a … enterprise. BUY, RISK

2. The entrance row is……for the household of the bride. FULL, RESERVE

3. Eric has a … curiosity in … delicacies. LIVE, EAST

4. Simple … measures will cut back the chance of… PREVENT, INFECT

5.1 can … afford to lease a home on my … revenue HARD. MISERY

6. His arguments sounded very …. PERSUADE

VII- Spot the errors and proper them.

1.1 very like going to events.

2.1 did not let him to know what I used to be excited about.

3. Why to not invite them to the get together?

4. Could you clarify me the best way of doing this?

VIII- Supply an acceptable stimulus-utterance.

1.__________________ – Not within the least.

2.__________________ – Nor have I.


1. Use the proper tense-forms of the verbs in brackets.

1.1 (go) to Bristol tomorrow to go to my aunt. I already (ebook) a seat on the prepare. It (depart) Manchester at 10.

2. It was the primary time he (take part) within the event.

3.1 (journey) spherical Europe by tram once I first (meet) Cristian.

4. The baby-sitter (inform) the kids that after they (select) the story they (need), she (learn) it to them.

5. Since 1782, the bald eagle, which (signify) energy and braveness, (be) the nationwide emblem of the United States.

6. By the time we (get) to the public sale the portray (promote).

II. Use the best article.

1. When I depart … college. I wish to go to … college to review … pure historical past. I’m very keen on … animals, and I wish to examine them of their pure environment.

2. … espresso incorporates extra caffeine than … tea.

3. He took … nice deal of hassle to make … get together success.

4. I can not provide you with … determination instantly. I’ve bought few issues to do earlier than I can take a look at… venture.

5. … accidents are typically brought on by … individuals driving too quick. This is definitely true of… accident I had final yr.

III. Fill in an appropriate preposition or postposition.

1. I sat uneasily … the sting … the chair, whereas she poured tea … the cups.

2. We are sick and drained … listening … her excuses.

3. The constructing was badly broken … the hearth.

4. Thousands… persons are dwelling… distress… the earthquake.

5. He promised to select me……the station, however he did not. That’s the second time he has let me … this week.

6. If you aren’t glad … the service … this lodge, it’s best to complain … the supervisor.

IV. Put the phrases in the best order to make up a sentence.

1. him/occasions/leaving/off/I/hundreds/have/a/flip/to/instructed/ mild/earlier than/the.

2. destroyed/century/fireplace/the/in/London/a lot/was/by/ seventeenth/the.

3. heard/then/he/been/since/has/from?

4. physician/letters/grateful/the/obtained/of/the/from/has/ tons of/mother and father.

V. Translate the Russian fragments into English.

1. If a narrative is (волнующая), you’re (взволнован) whenever you learn it.

2. She did nothing (кроме) complain the entire time she was right here.

3. Where (еще) did you go (кроме) Rome?

4. If her nostril had been (немного) shorter she can be (довольно) prettv.

5 What time did Jim say he would (придет) ? 6 (В конце концов) I bought the job I wished. 7.1 have (нет) want to change my determination.

yi. Complete the sentences utilizing the suitable derivatives of the phrases in capitals.

1. … concept isn t straightforward to know. RELATE

2. He wasn’t … a stranger – I had met him as soon as earlier than. EXACT

3. You should get some antibiotics for that ear … INFECT

4. Please, state your identify, tackle and …. OCCUPY

5. I’m positive I would not have the … to sit down stitching all day. PATIENT

6. Her sickness was prompted … by the fear and stress. MAIN

7. … of client items has elevated … the world ….PRODUCE, THROUGH, LATE

VII. Spot the errors and proper them.

1. Nick was late for 2 hours yesterday.

2. None of his mother and father realized the hazard.

3. It is not any time to lose.

4. As quickly as I’ll get residence I’ll have a bathe.

VIII. Supply an acceptable stimulus-utterance.

1.__________________ – Neither would I.

2.__________________– No, I do not.


1. Use the proper tense-forms of the verbs in brackets.

1.1 (not/educate) this month. I (work) on a particular venture.

2. Although Vito (be) right here for a very long time, he by no means (neglect) the wonder and traditions of his homeland.

3. Unfortunately, the brothers (transfer) the furnishings in an uncovered truck when it (begin) to rain.

4. John thinks that he (lose) his historical past ebook final Tuesday when he (cease) on the gymnasium on his method residence.

5. The music for the opera which (carry out) subsequent month (write) by one of many students within the music division

6. In what nation he (inform) you he (reside) earlier than he (come) to the United States?

II. Use the best article.

My father all the time loved working late claiming he may get … higher work carried out with out the standard bustle (eyeга) to distract him. However, whereas working in … Japan he discovered this follow unattainable. He was in … cost of… giant workplace, and due to … Japanese respect for hierarchy (иерархия) none of… workers would depart earlier than he did. Finally … good thought hit him. One afternoon at 5, he placed on his coat, mentioned his good-byes in … loud voice and took … leisurely stroll round … block. When he returned to … workplace it was empty.

HI. Fill in an appropriate preposition or postposition.

1. He was the type… one who instantly made you’re feeling … ease.

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2. Brazil is wealthy … mineral assets.

3.1 instructed her … her face precisely what I believed… her.

4. Bob cannot focus … something lately. He should be … love once more.

5. We insist… the very best requirements … cleanliness… the lodge.

6. He could appear robust and merciless, however … coronary heart he is type and beneficiant.

7. Jane takes … her mom. … truth they appear very related … one another.

IV. Put the phrases in the best order to make up a sentence.

1. confidence/Alex’s/is/that/actual/he/lacks/drawback.

2. so/me/it/offended/kids/see/that/to/being/makes/handled/ like.

3. espresso/I/shall/you/make/a/of/cup?

4. is/these days/the/of/rising/taking/quantity/individuals/jobs/ part-time.

V. Translate the Russian fragments into English.

1.1 was working (в качестве) a waiter in the summertime and the boss made us work (как) slaves.

2. There was (такая) a giant queue outdoors the cinema that we could not get in to see the movie.

3. You look so (обеспокоенным). What’s troubling you?

4. Kate did not really feel like becoming a member of us (тоже).

5.1 marvel (кто из вас) has bought the (меньше всего) errors.

6. I’m sorry to say however Hayden did very (плохо) in his History examination.

VI. Complete the sentences utilizing the suitable derivatives of the phrases in capitals.

1. You could expertise some … for a couple of days after the operation. COMFORT

2.1 want an … opinion from somebody who will not be concerned. OBJECT

3. She was discovered alive however…. CONSCIOUS

4. As a ‘complete’ college we try to create a … setting with excessive … requirements the place everybody feels… and …. CARE, ACADEMY, COMFORT STIMULATE

5. We had been … impressed by the … tour. EXTREME, GUIDE

VII. Spot the errors and proper them.

1. He rarely at residence.

2. You by no means panic like that, are you?

3. She’s stored us ready for such very long time.

4. What else books by this writer have you ever learn?

VIII. Supply an acceptable stimulus-utterance.

1._________________ – Sorry, I can not.

2._________________ – Of course, you might.


I. Use the proper tense-forms of the verbs in brackets.

1. People in Britain (come) of age at 18, after they (be) formally adults.

2. Yesterday morning the postman (complain) that my canine not too long ago (attempt) to chunk him.

3.1 (take) a few of my pupils to Oxford tomorrow on a sightseeing tour.

– Really? It (be) potential for my daughter to affix the get together? It all the time (be) a dream of hers to see Oxford along with her personal eyes.

4. We (inform) to enter the room very quietly as a result of the affected person who simply (function) on is likely to be sleeping.

5. My brakes (not/check) but once I (come) to select up my automobile; in reality, the brakes (check) as I (stroll) into the service station.

II. Use the best article.

… bold farmer, sad about… yield of his crops, heard of… extremely advisable new com seed. He purchased some and produced … crop that was so considerable that his astonished neighbours got here and requested him to promote them a few of… new seed. But… farmer, afraid that he would lose … worthwhile aggressive benefit, refused to promote … seed to neighbours. … second yr … seed didn’t produce fairly so good … crop, and when … third-year crop was nonetheless worse, it out of the blue dawned on … farmer that his prize corn was being pollinated (опылять) by … inferior grade of com from his neighbours’ fields.

III. Fill in an appropriate preposition.

1. I’m writing … you with reference … your commercial … a pc programmer, which appeared … the Daily Telegraph yesterday. I’m very … the likelihood … working… your organization and am due to this fact enclosing my Curriculum Vitae.

2. David has a again harm which will stop him … taking part in … tomorrow’s recreation.

3. You can rely… Jane – she all the time retains her guarantees.

4.1 was ashamed … having lied … my mom.

5. I’m sorry I have never been … a lot assist … you.

6. Please assist your self … extra: there’s a lot … all the things.

IV. Put the phrases in the best order to make up a sentence.

1. actually/once more/I/responsible/birthday/really feel/her/about/forgetting.

2. open/public/how/is/fort/the/usually/the/to?

3. crew/Mayor/braveness/the/rescue/praised/the/for/their.

4. face/Alice/expression/her/a/the/learn/letter/with/on/ puzzled.

V. Translate the Russian fragments into English.

1. Try to (сделать) your greatest to complete the work in time. 2.1 must (взять взаймы) your bicycle for a second.

Can you inform me (какой) is yours?

(Мой) is the black one over there. 3. These apples are (гораздо) sweeter than (остальные).

4. In his lengthy profession (в качестве) an actor, he is all the time wished to look (как) Hamlet, however he is by no means wished to be (как) him in actual life.

5. (Пока) I used to be ready I learn {a magazine}.

6. Do you assume the coat (сидит) me properly?

VI. Complete the sentences utilizing the suitable derivatives of the phrases in capitals.

1. If you allow your issues … round, you should not be … in the event you lose them. LIE. SURPRISE

2. His life modified … when he moved to Denmark. COMPLETE

3. I’m afraid I’m actually … for time in the mean time. PRESS

4. I wandered across the metropolis centre to kill time earlier than my …. APPOINT

5. I had been staring on the laptop display screen all night when a … out of the blue struck me. SOLVE

6. It’s … the structure which provides the place its …. PART. PERSON

VII. Spot the errors and proper them.

1. I’m sorry I forgot my day-book at residence.

2. What does winter like in your nation?

3. Bob supplied giving us a carry.

4. It was a gathering whose significance I did not notice at the moment.

VIII. Supply an acceptable stimulus-utterance.

1.__________________ – Not in any respect.

2.__________________ – Not within the least.


I. Use the proper tense-forms of the verbs in brackets.

1. Microwave ovens (make) cooking quick and straightforward. If you (purchase) a microwave you (have the option) to prepare dinner frozen dinner in 5 minutes.

2. When 1 (arrive) residence final night time, I (uncover) that I (neglect) my key. My roommate (be) asleep, however I (have) to wake him up by knocking loudly on the door.

3. By the time the wet climate (start) Mr. Check and his son Brian (construct) a brand new roof on their home.

4. Right now Max (be) in hospital. He (deal with) for a nasty burn on his hand and arm.

5.1 simply (transfer) into a brand new condominium. I (not/meet) any of my neighbours but.

6. What share of the individuals on the planet (be) illiterate?

7. The baby-sitter for whose care Mrs. Pelt’s kids (depart), (fall) asleep whereas she (learn) the kids a narrative.

II. Use the best article.

Twice … week … Belgian using … bicycle crossed … German border and he all the time carried … suitcase crammed with … sand. Each time … customs officers searched … suitcase, they by no means discovered something unlawful. Sometimes they even emptied out all … sand, anticipating to seek out … jewelry, … watches or … medication. But all the time there was nothing however sand. They could not assume what … Belgian was smuggling. It was a few years later, lengthy after … Belgian had vanished from … scene, that they learnt… reality. He had been smuggling … bicycles.

III. Fill within the appropriate preposition or postposition.

1. The development … this grocery store can be accomplished … half a yr.

2. Julia spends far an excessive amount of cash … these spoilt children ,,, hers

3. This is the one copy … the ebook … existence: all of the others had been destroyed by the hearth.

4. It was raining once we arrived … the coast, however …mid day the rain had out of the blue stopped.

5. Never put……tomorrow what you are able to do at present.

6. If I used to be strolling … the forest and out of the blue got here face … face … a bear, I’d shortly climb … the closest tree if there was one.

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IV. Put the phrases in the best order to make up a sentence.

1. cannot/code/until/you/the/open/know/you/door/the.

2. wedding ceremony/you/date/have/the/your/on/determined/of/but?

3. quick/was/to/it/drive/of/foulish/you/so.

4. worry/of/eyes/boy Vfull/confusion/and/the/had been.

V. Translate the Russian fragments into English.

1. It’s the (самый смешной) movie I’ve ever seen.

2. One man’s meat is (другого) man’s poison.

3. (Каждая) nation has (свои) customs.

4. The final drop (делает) the cup run over.

5. She’s (сказала) me that she applies this ointment (через день).

6. You have seen too (много) horror movies (недавно).

VI. Complete the sentence utilizing the suitable derivatives of the phrases in capitals.

1. We could not experience as a result of the street was being …. WIDE

2. We all must do some … earlier than the examination. REVISE

3. Lying on a … seashore with an … dip in clear blue water, could be some of the … methods of spending a vacation.


4. According to the … figures throughout the previous years, the preferred … for the British individuals was …. 35 million individuals … walked two miles or extra. LATE, ACTIVE. WALK, REGULAR

Vll. Spot the errors and proper them.

1.1 don’t need nothing else to eat.

2. I’d such as you be a part of us.

3. Does the headband price as many because the kerchief?

4. The police has already been referred to as, hasn’t it?

VIII. Supply an acceptable stimulus-utterance.

1.__________________– Not but.

2.__________________ – Are you?


In these checks you’ll full the sentences in every passage by selecting a phrase kind or construction from the variants given A) in brackets; B) after the textual content.


1. (Many, Much) individuals now (assume, are pondering) that (the, -) academics give pupils too (many, a lot) homework. They (say, inform) that (it, there) is pointless for youngsters to work at (residence, home) of their (free, vacant) time. (Moreover, However) they argue that (most, probably the most) academics don’t (correct, correctly) plan the homework duties they provide to pupils. The result’s that pupils (should, have) to repeat duties (what, which) they (had already, have already) carried out (at, in) college. (Recently, Nowadays) in Greece many mother and father complained (about, for) the tough homework which academics gave to their kids. (-, the) mother and father mentioned that many of the homework was a (spending, waste) of time, and so they wished to (cease, halt) it. Spain and Turkey are two international locations which (stopped ended) giving homework not too long ago. (In, At) Denmark, West Germany and a number of other (one other, different) international locations in Europe academics (can not, aren ‘t in a position to) set homework at weekends. In Holland, academics (enable, let) pupils to (keep, settle) in school to (do, make) their homework. The kids are (free, impartial) to assist (each other, themselves). (Similar, Alike) preparations (additionally, too) exist in some (Britain, British) colleges.

2. Oxford is the preferred vacationer attraction (in, at) Britain after London and Stratford-upon-Avon. Oxford is legendary (by for) its college (what, which) is (the, a) oldest in Britain and the third oldest in Europe.

The University had thirty-five (separate, aside) faculties. For (many, a lot) years, solely 5 of (this, these) faculties had been for ladies. (However, Anyway) since 1979 (close to, almost) all the universities have (accepted, obtained) each women and men. Oxford is (not, no) solely a college metropolis, it’s also a (market, bazaar) city the place (strange, standard) individuals reside and work. With over a million guests (a, the) yr, it is extremely tough for the (residents, residence) of Oxford to reside their (day, each day) life. Sometimes they (really feel, are feeling) that town (does, do) not belong (-, to) them.

3. Because Britain is sort of (a, the) small island, (nobody, neither) lives (farther, additional) than 75 miles (from, of) the ocean. As quickly as summer time (comes, will come) hundreds (individuals, of individuals) in automobiles (make, do) their solution to the ocean. (Many, Much) mother and father (is, are) prepared to (sit, seat) (on, in) crowded seashores, in (site visitors, transport) jams and typically (in, on) dangerous climate to provide (their, theirs) kids a seaside vacation.

4. Well, right here I’m in England. I (have arrived, arrived) at Dover every week in the past and I’m simply starting to settle (down,

up)– (Тhe,– ‘) journey was (terrible, awfully)! We had (to land, land) at Antique due to a storm (so, as) the (journey, journey) took extra (than, as) 13 (hours, clocks)! The (home, residence) may be very good. It’s (extra huge, greater) than (our, ours) in St.George. Mr and Mrs Wilson each go to (work, job). Mrs Wilson (works, is working) in a division retailer (what, which) is in (the, -) centre of Dover. She may be very type and needs me (to have, have) a (good, properly) time in England. They are taking me (someplace, anyplace) particular this weekend. I hope it is London! Mr Wilson (owes, owns) a video rental store.

Dover is a bit (bored, boring). It’s (full, stuffed) of vacationers as a result of it is (the place, had been) individuals (take, convey) the ferry (to, in) France. (They, There) are fairly (a couple of, just a little) seashores down the (coast, bank) however they (aren’t, do not) just like the seashores in Grenada and (-, the) water right here is far (extra chilly, colder)

5. (A, The) day earlier than yesterday I went for an interview with a movie (firm, marketing campaign). (A, The) job sounded (, attention-grabbing) and (there, it) wasn’t (dangerous, badly) paid (too, both). I used to be (horrible, terribly) nervous. I (dressed, wore) my brown velvet swimsuit (even, ever) although my black boots did not (go, swimsuit) with it very (good, properly). I even determined (to spend, waste) some cash and (went, got here) to (the, -) hairdresser’s.

The interview was (in, on) a (giant, huge) constructing close to Piccadilly. I (talked, instructed) to (a, the) head of the publicity division. It was (fairly, quiet) a casual interview and really (nice, pleasantly). The boss stored (say, saying) they (need, wished) somebody actually (neat, neatly) and environment friendly (as, so) the publicity division was very (huge, nice) and essential.

6.1 have been (ready, waited) a very long time for January and (it is, its) frosts (to start, start). And they’re right here at (final least)! Now, thanks heavens, I (can, can be ready) to curve up in entrance of (a, the) fireplace and (loosen up, recreate). I’ll (look, see) out of the window on the lovely frost (coated, overlaying) each (blade, blades) of grass on (my, mine) treasured garden, and I’ll assume with (nice, giant) satisfaction that (it, there) is totally nothing I (can, want) work at within the backyard until the frost (will carry, lifts). Don’t misunderstand me. I really like my backyard. I’m (English, the English} after (all, all the things). (Since, For) years I (have, was) lived gardenless (in, on) a London flat however I (have longed, longed) for a backyard so (many, a lot)! Now that I’ve bought (one, the one) I (adore, have adored) it!

7. Dear Helen,

Thank you very a lot to your letter and information (from, out of) Cornwall. I’m (no, not) very brown (but, nonetheless) (and, however) I (am having, have been having) a marvellous vacation. We’ve (bought, get) a boat (referred to as, calling) ‘Julliette’; (it, there) is a small motor cruiser.

So far, we (had travelled, have travelled) greater than forty miles already.

Yesterday we (have visited, visited) Norwich Cathedral, (what, which) is (close to, almost) a thousand (yr, years) outdated! We purchased some (meals, meal) within the huge market (to, for) take again to (a, the) boat after which (visited, attended) the well-known Old Barge Inn, which (is, was) constructed within the 14th century. I (write, am writing) to you on (board, the board) ‘Julliette’. Peter and John (fish, are fishing), (however, and) they (hadnt/, have not) caught (nothing, something) but! I hope to see you once I (‘IIget, get) again (subsequent, the subsequent) week.

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